• Eugenio Picano, CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology
  • Rosa Sicari, CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology

Associate Editor

  • Eustachio Agricola, San Raffaele Hospital

Cardiovascular Ultrasound is recommended by the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the Italian National Research Council.


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Aims & scope

Cardiovascular Ultrasound is an online journal, recommended by the Institute of Clinical Physiology of the Italian National Research Council. The journal provides a platform for the most current, clinically and biologically relevant research in the field of ultrasound of the heart and vessels. As an online and open-access journal, Cardiovascular Ultrasound serves as a dynamic, current and widely available resource for the community.

Editors' quotes

Eugenio Picano

Eugenio Picano

"The open access approach will give benefit to reader, who will find no barrier to continuing education through journals (at present impeded by subscription, registration, pay per view, and so on) and to the scientist, who will have additional chances to gain access to high quality journals, also outside the circle of structured scientific societies where the richest nations are over-represented in excess of their scientific merits."

Rosa Sicari

Rosa Sicari

"Ultrasounds are the breakthrough technology of our time. It is exciting to work in such a field that has not fully expressed its potential. Echocardiography is the most cost-efficient technique and the natural comparator for any other technique, even highly sophisticated ones, because of its high clinical yield, the ability to assess anatomy and function, contractility and coronary flow reserve, and heart valve status, all in the same sitting; and, most importantly, with an ease of communication because it is performed by cardiologists who translate the results into clinical management. These features make it an unsurpassed tool for initial and follow-up use on patients with heart diseases."

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